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What makes us unique?

Stay Smart is a Swedish real estate company that blends tradition with an added turbo boost. Our passion is to create long-term value through innovative and customised living solutions. We serve a wide range of clients, from private tenants to businesses and key social functions, including municipal efforts. Watch our video for an insight into what makes us unique.

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What we do

Stay Smart Acquires and Develops Properties to Create High-Yield, Long-Term Rental Income.

Stay Smart is a Swedish real estate company focused on creating long-term value by creating smart living solutions for vital societal functions. By choosing the right properties to acquire and develop, we create both long-term growth in the property portfolio and instant cashflow in our rental operations. Our property portfolio mostly consists of rental apartment and community properties.

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Who we are

Long-Term Growth and Instant Cashflow

We create satisfied tenants through smart property development and our own rental company. Our service team creates unique accommodation solutions. Stay Smart creates value both for our customers, our shareholders and society at large. We rent out our properties to private individuals, companies in need of housing and for socially useful functions.

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A sustainable business case

Stay Smart's Role in a Sustainable World

Stay Smart's most important contribution to a sustainable world is developing profitable green properties and signing green agreements with operators. The purpose is to create resource-efficient properties and operations that reduce Stay Smart's climate footprint while also growing the business.
Stay Smart is accelerating the pace to offer a sustainable business case and making our properties sustainable. Sustainability is becoming more important by the day, and Stay Smart is working on finding its role in this new, fast-changing landscape.
Another important area is analysing how resilient Stay Smart's properties are against the effects of climate change – both physically and in terms of revenue. We will therefore perform an in-depth climate resilience analysis of our properties and produce action plans where these are needed.
It is important for us at Stay Smart to take good care of our employees. In this respect Stay Smart has a strong platform to continue to build on. The organisation’s latest equality and inclusion report showed that Stay Smart has a strong culture in which employees feel included and respected. According to our own employee survey, all employees at the head office and within the property management organisation would highly recommend our company as an employer. Stay Smart have employees from many different countries and cultures and we are spending a lot of time to make sure every one feels included.

Stay Smart team

Experience and Entrepreneurship

Adam Morgan

Grundare/ Verksamhetschef 

Christian Loklint

Grundare/ Fastighetschef 

Christian Öhlander

Cheif operating officer 

Maximilian Hermelin

Grundare/ Finansansvarig 

Hanna Hallingström

Ekonomi chef 

Emelie Gentele

Ekonomi/ CFO 

Tobias Björkman


Sabine Vejdemo


Marcus Carlsson


Malin Karlsson


Marija Vrbec


Victor Marques


Bobby Bruhn


Tommy Stålhand

Service/ lokalvård 

Roscyn Lopez

Service/ lokalvård 

Belul Teshome

Service/ lokalvård 

Teklia Sheshay

Service/ lokalvård 

Ifeoma Eze

Service/ lokalvård 

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